The Vision Board’s mission is to coordinate collaboration, plan strategically, secure funding, and create a livable Paulding County community!

The Paulding County Vision Board was formed by a passionate group of residents who began meeting in 2016 to discuss issues facing the County, exchange ideas, and network. After meeting on several occasions, it was determined that if the various villages and townships within the County collaborated, a larger impact could be made to benefit all Paulding County residents.


Deciding it was time to take action and address the issues and ideas the group had been discussing, the Vision Board was formed under the Paulding County Commissioners on April 24, 2017. The Vision Board decided to create a county-wide Community Development Plan to begin a formal planning process that would lead to establishing goals and objectives for Paulding County and strategies for how to achieve them.


The Vision Board’s mission is to ‘coordinate collaboration, plan strategically, secure funding, and create a livable Paulding County community’ and ultimately exists and ultimately exists to serve Paulding County by inspiring collaboration, identifying needs and pursuing and securing funding to address those needs. The Board is comprised of representatives from participating Villages within the County, the Township Trustees Association, the County Commissioners, Paulding County Area Foundation, Paulding County Economic Development, and at-large members.

Alone we can do so little;


we can do so much.

~Hellen Keller

Infrastructure Committee

Dale Goebel

Mark Greenwood

Alan Wobler

Dave Burtch

Quality of Life Committee

Joe Barker

Erika Willitzer

Lisa McClure

John Daeger

Sheriff Jason Landers

Gary Mabis

Naomi Nicely

Mark Greenwood

Lyn Collis

Housing Committee

Aaron Timm

Oley McMichael

George Carter

Marketing Committee

Erika Willitzer

Lisa McClure

Joe Barker

Aaron Timm

Mikayla Pieper

Drug Coalition

Committee names coming soon

Board Members:

-Lisa McClure (Paulding Co. Area Foundation) (Pres.)

-Erika Willitzer (At Large Member) (VP)

-Lyn Collis (Payne) (Sec.)

-Aaron Timm (At Large) (Treas.)

-Jim States (At Large)

-Mikayla Pieper (Paulding Chamber of Commerce)

-Jerry Zielke (Paulding Co. Economic Development Office)

-Mark Greenwood (Antwerp)

-John Daeger (Broughton)

-Dale Goebel (Paulding)

-John Moon (Grover Hill)

-Deedi Miller (Oakwood)

-Joe Barker (Paulding Co. Twps.)

-David Burtch (At Large Member)