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•Increase the safety and efficiency of the system for all users

•Improve and enhance bicycle and pedestrian facilities

•Support the County's economy through the transportation network

•Enhance mobility for all Paulding County residents

Economic Development

•Increase employment growth and investment

•Retain and support existing businesses and workforce

•Attract new businesses and workforce

•Enhance communications


•Improve availability of affordable, desirable housing options

•Enhance existing housing options

•Enhance planning for diverse housing types

•Enhance availability of lodging options

Quality of Life

•Enhance recreational, cultural and essential amenities

•Support and enhance beautification efforts

• Address drug abuse issues

•Minimize poverty

 Comprehensive Plan 

The purpose of the Paulding County Community Development Plan is to describe the history, current state and future vision for Paulding County and establish a roadmap for how to make that vision a reality.  Counties and communities are continually changing over time and it is imperative that planning is done in order to better understand the needs of the residents and how those needs can be met now and in the future. Effective plans act as a guide for decision-making and prioritizing investments that shape lives and have the potential to create livable communities with a high quality of life for all residents.  

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